Izzy Loves Sims

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts lately.  Yesterday was the first time in a while that I opened my game (for longer than 5 minutes) and made some sims.  I really like this girl, but I think I need to lighten her hair or darken her eyebrows, something is a little off.

#sims 3  #ts3  

Trying some different editing with these pics

#sims 3  #ts3  

My newest bjd boy came today! He’s a Switch Haji:R and he’s just so precious.  I love his big eyes and lips.  I haven’t bought anything for him yet so he’s borrowing everything from my other dolls right now until I go shopping.

This world is amazing! I’ve just been looking around so far and I’m just in awe at all the details, it’s got everything you need plus more.  I think I might play here for a while.

The first family I remade to move into Strangetown the Grunt family, Buzz, Tank, Ripp and Buck. Here’s a link to the backstory from the Sims Wiki in case you forgot from the Sims 2.

I downloaded Strangetown by rgamingblog and now I want to recreate all the families from the Sims 2 version but with my take on how they should look.