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I got my new ball jointed doll in yesterday! He’s a RaMcube Lakia. This was the first time out of five dolls that I had to pay customs.  Not bad I guess. I was waiting until he came in before I go shopping, so he’s borrowing stuff from my other dolls.   Poor guy, I’ll have to spoil him rotten.

the beach house

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Let the baby making begin!

Wait! wait! You’re probably thinking well that escalated quickly, but it was more like flirt, flirt, flirtatious joke, flirt, amorous hug, flirt, first kiss, embrace, whisper in ear, make out and then woohoo in the all in one toilet thing. You guys don’t need to see all that do you?


Didn’t think so.

Anyway that’s how the first day ended.

Pretty scenery shot…

Pretty scenery shot…

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As the sunsets on the first day Kylie learns to paint a masterpiece (btw her first painting was Napoleon Dynamite?! I forgot I put that default replacement in, I was so confused trying to figure out who it was.) while Dante learns to fish. Can you see him? It’s like Where’s Waldo? He sucks though and didn’t catch anything.  It’s ok Dante I still love you!

I forgot how boring it is watching your sims make meals, eating and cleaning.  Who needs that anyway.

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Day 1

Decided to play the game for once.  I wouldn’t really call this a midnight sun challenge, it’s more like a set two sims down on an island and see what happens before I get bored challenge.  I’m using everyone’s favourite Dante with Kylie and I predict they will have lots of babies in their future. Hehehe.

This had to happen eventually…

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simminglystrange said: Do all the things!

But I’m too lazy to do both. I’ll compromise and use Dante as my founder for the midnight sun challenge.  How does that sound? 

I keep seeing these midnight sun challenge posts and now I want to do that instead of the story I was going to do. I just can’t seem to make up my mind with what I want to do with this game. Argh!